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See how much solar saves commercial buildings in your area!

How a Nonprofit Reduced Their Electric Bill by 37%

After trying to go solar for over 2 years without any luck, Southern Jersey Family Medical Center was finally able to find “financing terms that no other provider was able to offer” through Braggawatt’s easy solar funding platform. SJFMC started saving on their electricity costs from Day 1.

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Utility Cost Savings in 100 days (or less)

Significantly reduce your operating expenses, fast. Discover exactly how much your business stands to save by going solar in minutes using our

Plus, eliminate the guesswork. Lock in immediate and long-term utility cost savings by generating your own, clean energy with no upfront out-of-pocket expense.

The Braggawatt Guarantee*: Your solar savings will exceed costs from day one. If it doesn’t save you money, we won’t do it!

*Disclaimer: Your Company’s exact available space for solar, electricity consumption profile, and tax-exempt status will impact realizable savings, tax credits and electricity consumption supplied by solar. Access your personalized login today to review & secure up-to-date estimates based on your company’s specific attributes.

Turnkey Start-to-Finish Solar Partner

Your business deserves to go solar on your terms, without the hassle. That’s why Braggawatt will manage your entire project.

Our streamlined, online process quickly takes you from calculating your custom solar savings to seeing the money back in your pocket. You can count on our team of expert Customer Advocates to uncover what is best for your business and do the heavy lifting, every step of the way.

Our goal? To simplify your path to solar and results worth bragging about.

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Low Risk, High Reward

Why gamble with increasing energy costs?

When you go solar with Braggawatt, your immediate and future savings are as reliable as the sun!

Our no-money-down solar financing and ownership options ensure cashflow positive results for your business. And, since we take on all project implementation tasks, you start saving before solar costs you a dime!

Explore financial benefits of solar Explore financial benefits of solar

Braggawatt Simplifies Solar for:

Businesses & Nonprofits

Reduce significant operating costs in as few as 100 days. As your partner, we are committed to securing savings results that give you something to ‘Bragg’ about, through:

  • End-to-end solar realization
  • Building-specific savings analysis
  • No-money-down (in-house) financing
  • 24/7 support via Phone, Email, and Chat
  • Ongoing solar monitoring and reporting

Solar Installation Providers

Convert more commercial property clients faster and with certainty! Our complete suite of financing options unlocks superior, risk-free savings for businesses and nonprofits that are otherwise unable to go solar on favorable financing terms.

  • Validate site-specific solar savings
  • Create custom financing proposals
  • Automate client credit reviews and approvals
  • Offer PPAs and long term system ownership financing
  • Streamlined, secure online process

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See how much solar saves commercial buildings in your area!

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