It Pays to Go Solar with Braggawatt!

Businesses who want to cut their electricity costs by producing their own, clean energy need a proven process to achieve results worth bragging about!

At Braggawatt, we empower such businesses with a simple, three step process that leads to solar savings in 100 days! The Braggawatt Guarantee*: Solar savings must exceed costs, produce immediate results, and require no money down!

Our solar execution expertise, nationwide scale, and in-house financing ensure your solar ownership will achieve results that do the bragging for you!

How Braggawatt Makes Money

We only make money when customers save!

Unlike other solar companies, Braggawatt takes a long-term interest in our customers’ solar savings. Through our $0 upfront cost options, we fund 100% of customers' solar system and installation costs. And, only AFTER the solar system is installed and savings are pouring in, we start invoicing for monthly electricity generation or, quarterly system ownership.

Our fact-based, site-specific (and free!) savings analysis instills such confidence, that we don’t mind earning our fee over the long-term and letting customers benefit from solar on their preferred terms!

Led by your Solar Pragmatists

Trey Ramsey
Chief Executive Officer
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Kii Miller
Chief Operating Officer
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Oleg Popovsky
Chief Customer Officer
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Easan Drury
Chief Technology Officer
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Our team of industry experts joined together after working with one another for many years at a large renewable energy company (that often failed to put customers first!). Backed by extensive experience across business, finance, engineering, and technology, we developed Braggawatt based on our relentless commitment to customers and installer partners.
That’s why we’re always looking to push the boundaries, test and improve our offering, and, based on feedback, release the the simplest, most straightforward path to solar energy for those who will benefit most!

See how much solar saves commercial buildings in your area!

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