Our Process

Achieve results worth bragging about in three simple steps!

Going solar is a good idea, and selecting the right partner makes the difference! Are you willing to risk expensive construction experiments or do you prefer cash flow positive energy savings from your own, clean energy?

Here’s how our comprehensive process offers consistency, speed, and results that do the bragging:

Step 1
Personalized Solar Savings Calculation

Our simple and transparent online calculation is based on your building’s energy needs, utility costs, and business and sustainability priorities.

This step lets you generate and compare your custom ownership, financing, and service options.

From here, we do the heavy lifting to optimize your savings!

Step 2
Solar Ownership, Financing, & Service Options

Select from cash, financing, or energy service options that best fit your business needs!

Cash buyers benefit from Braggawatt’s proven process and execution scale, whereas our no-money-down options avoid any out-of-pocket expenses for those who choose our in-house financing solutions.

Obtain hassle free financing approvals through our streamlined, proprietary financial review.

Braggawatt Energy is a licensed financing provider across the US. We are happy to speak with your accountants to ensure your unique solar savings!

Step 3
Solar System Implementation

Braggawatt manages ALL engineering, planning, permitting, and installation steps - even if things don’t go as planned!

To keep important jobs in your communities, we partner with our nationwide network of certified solar installers who contract with us directly to save you time, cost, and frustration.

Our Process

Day 1
Personalized Solar Evaluation
  1. A quick and straightforward review of solar generation potential for your specific property
  2. Upload electric bills to compare your energy needs and costs to your solar options
Day 1-10
Compare & Select Ownership Options
  1. Clarify your building and business type.
  2. Review your solar ownership and financing options with Braggawatt consultant.
  3. Provide enterprise financials if you wish to qualify for Braggawatt financing.
Day 10-100
Braggawatt Manages Entire Implementation Process
  1. We manage engineering, planning, permitting, installation steps from start to finish.
  2. Our certified regional installation providers install install your solar system with local knowledge and based on our industry expertise.
Day 100+
Save (and Brag) with Confidence!
  1. Your enterprise is now powered by the sun and you’re cost savings are pouring in
  2. A state-of-the art monitoring platform tracks and notifies you of onsite energy generation and savings

See how much solar saves commercial buildings in your area!

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