Solar panels
Star Cross Volunteer Fire Department
Williamstown, NJ
People don't care about smaller solar projects like this. They aren't interested or think they aren't worth the time. Braggawatt understood why this project was important to us and were willing to make it work.
Solar building project

Star Cross Volunteer Fire Department (SCVFD) is a small outfit based in Williamstown, New Jersey. Because of their size and budget, they were finding it hard to go solar, and became frustrated after several attempts to finance a system fell through.

But at Braggawatt, our mission is to help small nonprofits take advantage of the benefits of solar. We connected with SCVFD, and took the time to understand their unique needs.

As a result, we funded 100% of the Star Cross solar project. SCVFD paid no upfront capital costs, and the station’s Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) not only allows them to take advantage of the solar tax credits typically denied to nonprofits, it will also help them hedge against rising electricity prices.

"We had a couple people say they would finance the project, but then they got alligator arms. Braggawatt was the only one to commit and get the job done. And they got it done quickly."
David Deegan
SCVFD Fire Chief
Savings that Support Responsible Budgets
When you’re running a volunteer fire department, every dollar counts. Over the life of the solar system, SCVD will save over $70,000. That’s money that will go right back into the community, because Braggawatt paid for the entire system. Plus, it never hurts to help the environment — the station’s solar system will help offset fuel and emissions produced by their trucks!
SCVFD Projections
54 kW
System Size
Savings per kWh
Annual offset of utility reliance
26 tons
CO2 kept out of the atmosphere
Big Tax Breaks for a Small Nonprofit

As a small, volunteer fire station, Star Cross wondered whether they could take advantage of federal solar tax credits. Most tax credits only apply to for-profit businesses. But Braggawatt had an answer.

Since SCVFD’s solar system is owned by a for-profit business, the owner received the applicable tax credit, and can pass the savings on to SCVFD through their PPA. In other words, because a for-profit owner is able to monetize the credits, they offer reduced electricity rates. Currently, SCVFD pays only $0.11/kWh instead of the usual $0.14/kWh utility rate. That’s 20% off the station’s electricity bill.

"A real upside of working with Braggawatt is the relationship we built. I feel comfortable calling them any time. They are always willing to spend time working through what we need, and it's great to have found a long-term partner."
Robert Skala
SCVFD Treasurer

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