Solar panels
Wildwood Fire Department
Wildwood, NJ
We were looking for a consistent partner we could trust. We wanted to keep things moving, and we knew Braggawatt could get it done.
Solar building project

Wildwood Crest Volunteer Fire Department (WCVFD) has two goals:

  1. Positively impact their New Jersey community
  2. Reduce operating costs to save taxpayer money

With goals like these, installing a solar energy system seemed like a no-brainer for this nonprofit. However, the department struggled to find a partner willing to invest in their small municipal project.

But then a trusted, local installation partner, Castle Energy, suggested Braggawatt. After a simple conversation and project estimate, the department found the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) terms they’d been searching for. With no upfront investment, they were able to quickly go solar to reduce their energy costs.

"We looked for a while, and these were just the right terms. Braggawatt had exactly what we wanted and we said ‘we’re going to stick with this.’ We wanted to move quickly, and they could."
David Thompson
Commissioner of Public Affairs & Public Safety, Wildwood Crest, NJ
Savings for the City
WCVFD is an all-volunteer department serving a community of 3,500 year-round residents (and as many as 80,000 seasonal visitors!). As representatives and residents of the city, the department’s 40 active members know that lower station operating costs mean more tax dollars left for community improvement, local events, and perhaps even larger paychecks.
WCVFD Projections
75 kW
System Size
Reduction in Electricity Costs (per kWh)
Estimated Lifetime Savings
Community Trees Replaced per Year

As a community leader, WCVFD prioritized local businesses. They chose to work with Castle Energy, a local solar installer and change agent committed to serving customers by securing the best, most reliable solar contracting terms to fit their client’s individual needs. As a member of Braggawatt’s trusted installer network, Castle knew of our ongoing commitment to fund solar for nonprofits, and that we offer the most reliable nonprofit solar contracting terms.Castle Energy relied on our online process and dependable underwriting to offer WCVFD an opportunity no one else could match — secure financing and a turnkey partner who would help bring their solar vision a reality, from start to finish (including fair monetization of regional solar benefits, like SRECs, etc).

"Partnering with Braggawatt is a win-win-win. It’s quick, easy, and makes a lot of different people happy. I don’t see a downside to it at all. It’s a no-brainer for us to work with them."
JR Castle
Owner, Castle Energy, LLC

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