Why Do Businesses and Nonprofits Go Solar?

"Using clean, cost-effective energy resources to power 20% of our electricity load is of great benefit to our facility and the community at large."
Ronald Kaplan

Good for your Community

Clean & Green
Solar energy systems are fueled by the sun, have no moving parts, create no noise, and produce no emissions or harmful byproducts – only clean electricity.
Reduce emissions and improve local air quality
Unlike our conventional energy generation systems - which are a key source of pollution, chronic health conditions, and global warming – your onsite solar energy system will reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve air quality in your local community.

Increases Your Cashflow

Reduce your Electricity Costs

Decrease your monthly utility costs by generating solar electricity for less than it costs to buy it from your local utility provider. Even though you won’t eliminate your entire utility bill, you will see savings.

Protect Against Rising Energy Prices

When you generate your own electricity, you are protected from rising energy costs and inflation since the price of solar energy is predetermined for the life of the system.

Benefit from Solar Tax and Grant Incentives

The most significant incentive is the 30 percent federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC), which is a dollar-for-dollar reduction in income taxes. Furthermore, many jurisdictions offer additional solar incentives, including cash grants and performance-based Renewable Energy Credits (RECs).

Reduce your Taxes

For-profit companies can benefit from another significant income tax deduction that allows them to depreciate the capital investment in their solar system on an accelerated schedule. This helps our customers invest in themselves, rather than their utility.

Sell Excess Solar Energy

Most utility companies provide a credit on your bill for the excess energy your system generates that your building doesn’t need (for example, solar generated on weekends). This is called Net Metering.


Best for Your Business

Build your Brand
Customers see renewable solar energy as a key differentiator when they choose to do business with sustainable companies.
Invest in your Employees
Attract and retain talent who value your commitment to sustainability and seek to work in an innovative environment.
Invest in your Local Economy
Installing and maintaining solar systems creates high-quality jobs that help your local community thrive.

Which Types of Businesses Qualify?

Common MisconceptionOnly large companies, like Apple, Amazon, and Ikea can reap the benefits of going solar on their preferred terms!
RealitySmall and Medium Businesses often miss out on the long list of solar benefits, which are now more easily accessible than ever!
Even BetterSolar offers immediate and long-term financial returns, increases property value, and provides a business differentiation strategy worth bragging about!

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