Commercial Solar Financing and Installation Timeline

How long until your solar energy system is up and running? With Braggawatt - 100 days or less. This includes estimates, financing, and installation. After 100 days, your solar system will be ready to provide you with cheap, clean energy for years to come.

Of course, your specific Braggawatt timeline will vary depending on project scope, seasonal factors, and financial situation.

Solar Installation Process & Timeline

Day 1
Custom Solar Profile
  1. Businesses and nonprofits use our online process to explore their site-specific solar savings.
  2. You upload electric bills to help us verify your solar savings opportunity.
  3. You review financing and ownership options.
Day 1-10
Compare Ownership Options
  1. Braggawatt validates site-specific solar savings, based on uploaded electric bills and initial solar system layout.
  2. You review savings estimates and compare ownership options.
  3. Braggawatt reaches out to discuss options and works with each customer to find the best solar solution for their needs.
  4. If a financed ownership or service option is selected, customers apply for solar panel financing directly through our secure, online application.
Day 10-100
Braggawatt Manages the Entire Implementation Process
  1. You enter into an agreement with Braggawatt based on your selected solar option.
  2. Braggawatt manages all engineering, planning and implementation steps, from start to finish.
  3. Our local installation partners install your system using their regional expertise and our industry standards.
Day 100+
You Get Solar Savings Worth Bragging About!
  1. Your property is now powered by the sun, and you begin saving money.
  2. Braggawatt monitors your solar energy production and sends quarterly reports detailing your savings and the other benefits that your solar system provides.
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