Solar for business

Whether you’re a business owner or key stakeholder, you can grow your business’ bottom line with Braggawatt’s commercial solar financing and installation services.

How much could you be saving?

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Grow your Business

Depending on the square footage of your building, you could save more than $1 million over the life of your solar system. But what does this mean? Let’s put $1 million in terms of practical business expenses:

  • With a staff of 50 people, you could pay your printing budget for about 27 years.
  • Feeling crowded? Build a new, 5,000 sq ft office space.
  • Customers demanding your product? Add 40 delivery trucks.

But to grow a business like this, you need time and focus. We understand that. That’s why a partnership with Braggawatt takes the stress out of the solar installation process. Our simple, online platform helps you . Solar financing options are provided in-house, so you don’t have to deal with difficult banks and loan officers who don’t understand solar. And once the agreement is finalized, we work with our national network of solar installers to make sure your project runs smoothly.

Why Do Businesses Choose to Go Solar with Braggawatt?

Our industry expertise and variety of financing options ensure savings
Our suite of commercial solar financing options puts choice back in your hands. Our Financed Ownership & Solar Service (PPA) options both require zero upfront cost until your system is up, running and saving you money. Or you can pay cash for your solar energy system, and we’ll tap our trusted installer network to ensure you get the best price for a solar energy system optimized to your needs. Bottom-line, we work with you to identify the best solar solution to meet your business goals.
We Manage the Entire Process
Braggawatt’s personalized online process streamlines site-specific solar savings scenarios, enabling you to compare solar panel and financing options to customize your system. We assign you a dedicated Customer Advocate by phone, chat, and email. Your Customer Advocate will provide updates and support your entire solar journey as we plan, permit, and implement the system through our network of certified installation providers.
Sustainable Savings
Your solar energy system must save more than it costs
Our engineering and finance teams will optimize solar options for your building and only recommend implementing a solar energy system where total savings (utility cost savings + tax benefits) exceed total costs (solar loan payments + operating costs).

By going with Braggawatt, you’re guaranteed to save money while keeping the focus on your business.

Financial Benefits of Solar

We all know that solar saves money by reducing your monthly utility bill. As you can see, this graph shows how Braggawatt’s different Solar Ownership & Financing Options lead to sustainable cost savings over time. But solar provides other, hidden savings that many people don’t realize. Click here to see other ways commercial solar energy can be a good investment for your business.

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