Solar for Nonprofits

Braggawatt’s easy nonprofit solar energy projects leave you the time and resources to pursue your world-changing mission.

How much you could save?

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Grow your Nonprofit

You and your team have a tremendous passion for your nonprofit’s mission. But in the nonprofit world, big hearts usually struggle with small budgets. Whether you’re a nonprofit director, key stakeholder, or involved board member, we’d like to introduce you to Braggawatt.

Solar for nonprofits can reduce operating costs and free up resources that can be used for the greater good. Flexible solar financing also means you’ll never have to put down large, upfront deposits. We own the system, and you benefit from the savings! And did we mention that solar itself contributes to the community and environment?

Let’s say that over the course of your solar energy system’s life, you unlock $400,000 in savings. What does that look like in a nonprofit’s everyday operations?

  • At $0.10 a meal, a foodbank could provide meals to 1,000,000 families of four
  • At $8,000, a well drilling team could install 50 wells in a non-US country
  • You could hire a Program Coordinator at $40,000 a year for 10 years
  • 400,000 people could receive toothbrushes and toothpaste with a $1 hygiene combo

Why do nonprofits choose to finance their solar systems with Braggawatt?

Lock in a controlled, monthly energy rate
You get to lock in a controlled energy rate for monthly solar electricity generation on your building. This allows you to hedge against electricity cost increases and reduce your bottom line with any capital expenditure. Rely less on traditional utility companies by paying Braggawatt a lower, stable price for your energy consumption. Bottom-line, we work with you to identify the best solar solution for your nonprofit’s cash, tax, and operational goals.
We Manage the Entire Process
Braggawatt’s personal online process streamlines site-specific solar savings scenarios, enabling you to compare solar panels and financing options to customize your system. We assign you a dedicated Customer Advocate by phone, chat, and email. Your Customer Advocate will provide updates and support your entire solar journey as we plan, permit and implement the system through our network of certified installation providers.
Sustainable Savings
Your solar energy system must save more than it costs
Our engineering and finance teams will optimize solar options for your nonprofit’s building and only recommend implementing a solar energy system if the solar electricity rate from a solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) allows you to achieve cost savings vs your current utility electricity rate (per kilowatt hour).

By going with Braggawatt, you’re guaranteed to save money while keeping your focus on changing the world.

Financial Benefits of Solar for Nonprofits

Solar will save your organization money by reducing your monthly utility bill. This graph shows how Braggawatt’s different Solar PPA option leads to sustainable cost savings over time.

Please note that although nonprofits can’t take direct advantage of federal solar tax credits, your organization will benefit indirectly when you go solar with a savvy partner like Braggawatt.

Why? Because we own the solar system, and therefore receive the tax credit. So when you sign a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with us, we pass those tax credit savings on to you in the form of a lower rate. You’re now paying even less for energy compared to buying from a traditional utility provider!

Long-term cumulative
Solar Savings
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